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Aoleta is the Ukrainian brand that we, two friends Elena and Olga, and Tamila, Olga’s daughter, created.

Whenever we start working together or separately at a computer, we strive to create beautiful and emotional templates.

The whole process of creativity is absorbing. You seemed to have dived headlong into the sea with a magical underwater world, but instead of communicating with marine inhabitants, you have magnificent fonts and graphic elements. You can emerge to the surface only when you are completely satisfied with your work.

This is a special indescribable feeling of tremendous pleasure. That is why we are thrilled to bits at your every purchase and / or sincere thanks, because we know that we do it for a purpose.

About us
About us
About us
About us


Our story

We had our own home event studio for 10 years (from 2009 to 2019). We were creating handmade huge decorations for weddings and events. And also, we were graphic designers designing and making by hand small decor for wedding and kids birthday parties.

At some point, we realized that we like graphic design much more than manual work. Together, for a while, we got a job as designers at an advertising agency – print shop.

The idea to create a new brand with only digital designs for instant download came up in 2018. In 2019, we decided to finally close the event studio and create only for Aoleta. Digital design has consumed all three of us, even Tamila studied a graphic editor and creates posters herself, at the age of 9.

The name Aoleta arose spontaneously – these are our initials stacked together.

About us

All Began With Being Friends

About us
About us

We grew up in a small cozy city Ternopil in western Ukraine, not far from the Carpathian Mountains.
We met in college and have been friends since almost 20 years. Elena is a godmother of Tamila. Tamila is a daughter of Olga. That is why we are not just a team; we know each other for more than half a life and ideally complement each other in all work processes.

We are always together.

We work together and even on weekends we just talk, play board games, and spend evenings in leisurely conversations, admiring the sunsets.

About us
About us



In my life I am a beloved and loving wife and the happiest mother for my daughter.
Family values and days spent in the family circle are extremely important for me. Mostly in my spare time I like to work with my husband in the country. Instead of aimless sitting in social networks we`ll go for a picnic with a great pleasure.
Pragmatic and romantic, I love to create something new and great award for me is your glittering eyes or smiles of joy!

About us



Outside the job there’s little time for leisure activities, but I maintains a passion for reading. 


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